Whatpm::Atom::Aggregator - Simple Atom Feed Aggregator


  use Whatpm::Atom::Aggregator;
  my $feed_doc = Whatpm::Atom::Aggregator->create_feed_from_feeds
    ({feed_id => q<>;,
      feed_title => q<My aggregated feed>,
      feed_lang => 'en'},
  print $feed_doc->inner_html;


The Whatpm::Atom::Aggregator module provides a simple Atom feed aggregator that generate an Atom feed from zero or more source Atom feeds.


$feed_doc = Whatpm::Atom::Aggregator->create_feed_from_feeds ({options...}, $feed1, $feed2, ...)

Generates an Atom feed from zero or more source Atom feeds. The first argument is a hash reference of various options. The remaining arguments are all input Atom feeds. The input Atom feeds have to be DOM Document objects. The method returns the aggregated Atom feed as a DOM Document object.


feed_id (REQUIRED)

The ID of the aggregated feed. It has to be a valid atom:id element content.

feed_title (REQUIRED)

The title of the aggregated feed.


The language of the aggregated feed. The value has to be a valid xml:lang attribute value. Default value is the empty string, denoting the language is unknown.


Wakaba <>.


Copyright 2010 Wakaba <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.