QName source code filter


  use Message::Util::QName::Filter {
    prefix1 => q<URI reference 1>,
    prefix2 => q<URI reference 2>,

  my $uri = ExpandedURI q<prefix1:local-name>;


Message::Util::QName::Filter is a source code filter that expands Message::Util::QName::General style QName specification like ExpandedURI q<prefix:local-name>.

To enable the filter, use the use statement with a hash reference binding namespace prefixes with namespace URI references.

Note. Take care when a QName is written in some delimited structure such as regex. For example, s/rdf:/ExpandedURI q<rdf:>/g would make syntax errors reported because ExpandedURI q<rdf:> is expanded to the namespace URI and it includes / (SOLIDUS) characters so that it is treated as a terminator by Perl parser. Use non-URI characters to delimit, e.g.:

  s{rdf:}{ExpandedURI q<rdf:>}g


Copyright 2004, 2007 Wakaba <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.