DOM TextTrack object


The Message::DOM::TextTrack class implements the DOM TextTrack interface.


The Message::DOM::TextTrack object has following methods:

$string = $track->kind

The kind of the track. [HTML]

$string = $track->label

The label of the track. [HTML]

$string = $track->language

The language tag of the track. [HTML]

$mode = $track->mode

The mode of the track. [HTML]

$bool = $track->manakai_is_invalid

Return true if the text track represents a WebVTT file which cannot be successfully processed by the WebVTT parser. [MANAKAI]

$list = $track->cues

XXX Not implemented yet.

$list = $track->active_cues

XXX Not implemented yet.

$list = $track->manakai_all_cues

Return the live list of the cues contained in the track. [MANAKAI]

$track->add_cue ($cue)

Add the cue to the track. [HTML]

$track->remove_cue ($cue)

Remove the cue from the track. [HTML]

$track2 = $track->manakai_clone_track

Create a copy of the text track object. Attributes whose values are not cue lists are copied to the clone. All cues in the manakai_all_cues list are also cloned to the new track. [MANAKAI]


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Message::DOM::TextTrackCue, Message::DOM::TextTrackCueList.


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