RCSFormat::Revision - Object Oriented Interface to a Revision in RCS File


  use RCSFormat::File;
  $rcs = RCSFormat::File->...;
  $rev = $rcs->get_revision_by_number ('1.2');
  print $rev->author, "\n";
  print localtime $rev->time_as_epoch, "\n";
  print $rev->data;


The module RCSFormat::Revision represents a revision encoded in an RCS file. In conjunction with the RCSFormat::File manpage, it provides an objected-oriented interface to RCS files. They are built on the top of RCSFormat's low-level encapsulation of RCS files.


$number = $rev->number

Returns the revision number of the revision.

$number = $rev->date_as_epoch

Returns the date of the revision, in Unix time_t format.

$number = $rev->date_as_rcs_formatted

Returns the date of the revision, in the format used by RCS's $Date:$ keyword substitutions.

$bytes = $rev->log

Returns the commig log of the revision.

$bytes = $rev->data

Returns the file data of the revision. Although the data that is included in the RCS file for this revision might only be delta from another revision, this method always returns the complete file data of the revision.

BUG: Keyword substitutions are always happen. Binary data are not supported yet.



the RCSFormat::File manpage.


Wakaba <>.


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