Object Oriented Interface to an RCS File


  use RCSFormat::File;
  $rcs = RCSFormat::File->new_from_string_ref (\$rcs_file_content);
  $rcs->revision_numbers->each (sub { print "Revision $_\n" });
  $rev1 = $rcs->get_revision_by_number ('1.2');
  $rev2 = $rcs->get_revision_by_number ('1.5');
  $diff = $rcs->get_unified_diff_between ($rev1 => $rev2);


The module RCSFormat::File provides an object-oriented interface to RCS files, in conjunction with RCSFormat::Revision representing revisions encoded in RCS files. They are built on the top of RCSFormat's low-level encapsulation of RCS files.


$file = RCSFormat::File->new_from_stringref (\$rcs_file_content)

Returns a new instance of RCSFormat::File with the given RCS file.

[$value =] $file->file_name ([$new_value])

Gets or sets the name of the RCS file represented by the object. Note that the RCS file itself does not encode its own file name. The file name set by this method is used when a unified diff is generated.

$list = $file->revision_numbers

Returns the list of revision numbers. The returned list is an instance of List::Rubyish. Revision numbers are sorted in some stable order.

$list = $file->revision_numbers_sorted_by_date

Return the list of revision numbers, like the revision_numbers method. This method returns the nubmers sorted by the date of the revisions, in descending order.

$rev = $file->get_revision_by_number ($revision_number)

Return the object representing a specific revision identified by the argument. The object is an instance of RCSFormat::Revision. If there is no revision specified by the argument, an undef value is returned instead.

$arrayref = $file->find_route_to_revision ($revision_number)

In RCS file, only a revision encodes the data in the original byte stream - data of all the other revisions are only encoded in delta from another revision's data, which might also be delta.

This method returns the "route" to the specified revision, along which you have to travel to obtain the original data. The returned value is a reference to array containing a series of revision numbers. The first item in the array is the entry point; its data is encoded in the RCS file in the original form. Subsequent revisions are deltas from previous revisions in the array. The last item in the array is always equal to the revision number given as the argument.

If the specified revision is not found in the RCS file, the method returns a reference to the empty array.

$revision_number = $file->get_prev_revision_number_of ($revision_number)

Returns the revision number of the revision specified by the argument. For example, '1.3' would be returned if the argument is '1.4'.

If the speicified revision is the first revision, or if the specified revision is not found in the RCS file, the method returns an undef value.

$diff = $file->get_unified_diff_between ($rev1, $rev2)

Returns the unified diff from revision $rev1 to revision $rev2. Both $rev1 and $rev2 have to be RCSFormat::Revision objects or undef. If undef is specified, a diff between empty data and the other revision is returned.





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