RCSFormat::Converter::Atom - RCS to Atom Converter


  use RCSFormat::File;
  use RCSFormat::Converter::Atom;
  $rcs = RCSFormat::File->...;
  $atom_feed_doc = rcs_to_atom_feed $rcs;
  print $atom_feed_doc->inner_html;


This module, RCSFormat::Converter::Atom, provides a function that generates an Atom Feed Document from the given RCS file object. The feed contains the author and date of the revisions contained in the RCS file, as well as HTML marked-up commit logs and unified diffs between the revisions and their previous revisions. It would be useful to follow updates of RCS- or CVS-version controled files using your favorite feed reader.


$doc = rcs_to_atom_feed $rcs

This function generates an Atom Feed Document from the RCS file given as the argument. The argument $rcs must be an instance of the RCSFormat::File manpage. It returns an AtomDocument object. Please consult manakai's documentation or DOM specifications.


the RCSFormat::File manpage.

manakai. the Message::DOM::Document manpage.


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