Generating RCS format history file from variant files

SYNOPSIS [--author=author-name] [--commit-date=rfc3339-date] [--diff-command=diff] [--diff-option=diff-option] [-m "Commit log message"] [-d repository-directory] [-k keyword-substition] [--recursive] [--repository-filename=filename] target-file1 [target-file2, ...]


knitmodule generates RCS format history file(s) from source file(s) that is/are version variant of something. RCS file(s) is/are created in directory specified by -d option, that defaults to ./CVS, with filename specified by --repository-filename, which defaults to target-file,v. If RCS file(s) already exist(s) in repository, target file is commited as the latest version (in trunk). Otherwise, new repository file is created. target-file might be a directory, in case --recursive option specified.

Target File With Date Suffixed Filename

When RCS file corresponding to the target file does not found, "date suffixed filename" files in the same directory as target file are collected and used to construct new repository file. "Date suffix" consists of a FULL STOP (.) and more than 13 DIGITs, representing date-time in UTC. "Date suffixed" variants are sorted by its date and logged as revisions in RCS file, just before target file is committed (as the latest version).





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