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About Okuchuu

Formaly, Okuchuu is called as “富山市立奥田中学校(とやましりつおくだちゅうがっこう)” (Toyama-shi-ritsu Okuda Chuu-Gakkou; The Municipal Junior High School of Okuda). But we call it “奥中(おくちゅう)” (Okuchuu) lovely.

Okuchuu is located in central of Toyama, Japan. “” of “奥田” means rice field. A long, long ago, there is very large field. It is also known as “遠久朶野(おくだの)” (Okudano). And now, there are also modern residential areas. A large number of people lives here.

Okuchuu is founded in 1947. In 1997, we held the 50th birthday festival.

What is this site?

This web site provide a lot of resource about Okuchuu. It is intended for read or used by Okuchuu graduates, but non-graduates also can with some restriction.

Most of resources are written in Japanese since the common language of Okuchuu is Japanese.

If you can read 日本語 (Japanese), see 日本語目次 (Table of contents written in Japanese). We don't have English toc yet.

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